A New Kind of Bucket List

♦♦Rather than writing down what I wish to accomplish, I drafted a long list of everything I have already accomplished in the past 23 years♦♦

Big or small, we all dream. Or at least we should. It is getting excited for the future; which makes us happy and setting goals; which inspires ambition. However, I often spend too much time planning out my future, taking my current life for granted. There are so many times a day where thoughts of the present get pushed aside by thoughts of workouts I plan to tackle, jobs I wish to have, people I want to see. I love my life and rather than thinking about how I’d like to teach abroad, complete an Ironman and fall in love, I have to remember that when I’m engrossed in the present, those things don’t matter. I have my whole life ahead of me to live out my dreams. If I rush the present, I will never be able to enjoy what I have to its fullest.  Last week I turned 23.  I’ve kept a running bucket list for years now and around my birthday I often star the bullets I hope to check off in the year to come. This year was a little different. I drafted a long list of everything I had already accomplished. I listed every race I entered, every place I traveled, every award I received, every milestone both academic and physical. It felt amazing to look at a list nearly three times the length of my bucket list.

I recommend this exercise to everyone. Whether you are stuck in your mind or have a firm grasp on the present, we can all benefit from acknowledging our achievements.


About Keren

I'm Keren, a 25 year old personal trainer, living in Urban Connecticut. Disclaimer I am not a registered dietitian nor do I have certifications for everything I share. My recommendations are based mostly on my opinion from personal experience.
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5 Responses to A New Kind of Bucket List

  1. Well said, and what a great reminder. You’ve inspired me to write out a list too! Maybe a post for tomorrow 🙂

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  3. Keren says:

    Beautiful post Jess. I’m glad you were inspired!

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  5. Rise says:

    Absolutely great idea! and I couldn’t agree more about appreciating ourselves and our accomplishments. Also, I occasionally spend a bit extra time thinking of all the people that I appreciate (& need to show this appreciation more), and other treasures that I have the pleasure of, in my life.

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