Friday Five Linkup

Happy Friday readers! Today I’m linking up with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for the Friday Five.

This week’s theme is Five Things I Love About….

…and I choose….


(seemed appropriate)

As my followers know or any blog-professionals can ascertain, I’m a newbie blogger. I did keep a blog when I lived in China China Blog but that was just uploading pictures and journal entries while trying not to upset the closely monitoring Chinese government. I’ve wanted to start a health-related blog since I got obsessed with reading food and workout blogs, specifically PBfingers (thanks Julie!)  So in April I decided to pull the trigger and with absolutely no research I went to and crafted this baby. I’m kind of a grandma when it comes to technology. Actually I’m worse. My grandma helped me download Words With Friends on my phone. This whole downloading photos and trying to beautify something I can’t really touch has been a little bit of a challenge. But alas, here I am, month 5 into the practice, blindly playing with images on picstitch, linking up with famous bloggers, and tweeting.

And here we go…what I love about blogging, in no specific order.

1 Getting to share my workouts with a population of people who find it interesting.

2) Blogging has made me more motivated to cook so I can share my healthy recipes.


3) I’ve also become more diligent about not missing workouts to avoid my weekly workout updates from looking lame.

4) I’m loving the opportunity to write and express some visual creativity.  I use to write short stories when I was in high school but then college papers took over. Now living the postgrad life, I can enjoy the art of writing again!

5) Though not my original intention, I’m enjoying the idea of one day being part of the health and fitness blogging community!


About Keren

I'm Keren, a 25 year old personal trainer, living in Urban Connecticut. Disclaimer I am not a registered dietitian nor do I have certifications for everything I share. My recommendations are based mostly on my opinion from personal experience.
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2 Responses to Friday Five Linkup

  1. aw, thanks for linking up with us!! I’m with you on #3 – I’m less likely to talk myself out of a workout if I remember it’s going in my weekly recap post! 🙂 enjoy the blogging journey.

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