Missing My Mornings and Weekly Update

Waking up, running 8 miles, showering and making pancakes
before the rest of the world wakes up. #dedication. #accomplished. #hardcore. #feelingawesomeaboutmyself

Waking up, driving to CF, preforming 100 wall balls, 50 box jump burpees, 400 yard sprints, showering, driving home, reading a chapter of a novel, making breakfast as your roommate’s alarm goes off. #dedication. #accomplished. #hardcore. #feelingawesomeaboutmyself

-I swore I would never use #s in my blog, forgive me-

I love my job but my 5:30am shifts every weekday morning has forced me to reconstruct my whole schedule. I miss my routine of pre- 8am workouts, being part of that community, earning my breakfast.

But alas, a workout is a workout. This was my schedule this week
Sunday: Early morning (!!!!) speed work: 10×200 sprints. TRX arms circuit: rows, push-ups, triceps extensions
Monday: Karate in the PM
Tuesday: Afternoon leg day.  box jumps, weighted step ups, cleans, squats, deadlifts. Two mile run with client. Karate in the PM.
Wednesday: 2×5 mile runs both in the PM (see previous post)
Thursday: 10 mile run at 11am-yuck. Not good lunchtime planning.
Friday: Afternoon swim. 20 lap warm-up, 10×50 yard sprints on 1:15, 8×100 IMs. Then I got kicked out because the camp needed the pool. #thatneverwouldhavehappenedat6am
Saturday: Karate in the AM!!! And then AM!!! circuit: x8 20 KB swings, 15 weighted squats, 10 push-ups, 6 burpees. 2 mile run with client.


About Keren

I'm Keren, a 25 year old personal trainer, living in Urban Connecticut. Disclaimer I am not a registered dietitian nor do I have certifications for everything I share. My recommendations are based mostly on my opinion from personal experience.
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3 Responses to Missing My Mornings and Weekly Update

  1. Wowza you TRULY impress me. 20 lap warmup?! I’m still trying to make it past swimming 4 laps. Lol awesome week of fitness! #yourock #fitinspiration #getafterit #hashtagsarecool 😉

    • Keren says:

      Thank you! I started swimming competitively when I was really young so I have a bit of an advantage. Good for you for trying to get into it now.
      I teach swimming so I can give you a few tips.
      Use a kick-board if you have access to one.
      Step one is perfecting your kick. Make sure your kick is coming from the hip and ending in the toes. If you kick like you are riding a bicycle you will be working against yourself.
      After you are feeling good with the kick, start incorporating your arms holding onto the edge of the kick board. With your face in the water, see how many strokes you can take.
      The hardest part is the breathing. If you, a marathoner, are getting winded after a few minutes in the pool its safe to say you aren’t breathing. Practices doing bobs on the side of the pool. Blowing bubbles while you dunk under and jumping up for a quick but deep inhale and find a good rhythm.

      Most important tip is that the water will work with you if you let it. Don’t fight the water!
      Its a challenging sport to learn but probably the most meditative once you master it.
      Good luck!

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