Setting Goals: Positive vs Negative

I think a lot of the reason people fail to achieve their fitness goals is because their focus is on the negative. “I want to lose 20 pounds” or “I won’t eat any ice cream”. Rather than “I want to be able to do 50 push ups”,  “I want to bike to work without being exhausted the rest of the day” or just “I want to be healthy and feel good all the time”. Its the negative thinking that takes the enjoyment out of the challenge, and it becomes a struggle or a fight, rather than a strive for success. A big part of the problem is that the focus is often on weight loss not on health. If you live a healthy life style you will be a healthy weight.  What we also lose sight of is the definition of a “healthy weight”. Of course every women wants to look like a Victoria Secret model but if those weren’t the cards we were dealt (which chances are its not) then its hard to achieve that healthily and naturally. Yes we can blame the media for photo-shopping  models and brainwashing the population that emaciated looking women are beautiful or we can feel confident inside of our body by knowing we are treating it right.

About Keren

I'm Keren, a 25 year old personal trainer, living in Urban Connecticut. Disclaimer I am not a registered dietitian nor do I have certifications for everything I share. My recommendations are based mostly on my opinion from personal experience.
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